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Below is a broad sweep of words, pronunciations and other information found within Kiyron: Awakenings, all those things that may provide a greater depth of understanding, should that be your thing. New items will be added regularly.


A Matter of Pronunciation


Pronunciation guidelines for non-Terran words.


a - apple, bat  /  aa - calm, farm  /  ay - age, weigh  /  au - hawk, sport

b - bat, dabble

k - cat, ache, kick  /  kk - loch, macht

d - dog, riddle

e - egg, bend  /  eu - earn, fern, burn, worse, first  /  ë - non-vowel* - oval, drivel, heavily

f - fun, phoney, rough

g - god, goggle

h - happy, inhibit

i - it, sin  /  ie - feel, real  /  iy - dye, find, tie

j - gin, ridge, jam  /  tsj - chin, itch  /  sj - fish, conscience  /  zj - visual, Asia

l - love, fill

m - money, numb

n - now, run  /  ng - sing, angle

o - on, hop  /  oo - you, food, nude  /  oy - toy, toil  /  ou - owl, house  /  oa - stow, boat

p - put, supper

r - right, hurry  /  rr - a rolled r

s - sit, hiss

t - top, bottle  /  th - (soft) thin, myth  /  th - (hard) this, wither

u - up, mud  /  uu - hook, put

v - valid, live

w - (hard) wet, wind  /  ww - (soft) white, awhile

y - yes, you

z - zebra, lies


*  the ë is equivalent to the German schwa (ə) which is essentially a non-vowel/unclear vowel sound, equivalent to the sound one might make between two consonants, the i in evil for example, or the a in oval.


The differentiation between singular and plural is established through a preceding number or word/phrase (in the event that a number cannot be given, e.g. use of the word many) if at all.

A Measure of Time


Dates found within the novels, typically at the beginning of chapters and sections, function as follows:


Aurbët (year) - Hyebis (35 year period) - Iraath (epoch/age)

with each subdivision measured against the Iraath’s beginning, followed by:

Siykl (month) - Tsjayn (week) - Day (of the month)


For example:

Aurbët 7070 - Hyebis 202 of Iraath 4



For an easier comprehension by the novel reader of time references, days/hours/minutes are used alongside the alternative words used for the longer time frames. Below is the complete breakdown of each time frame. 


Iraath 1 Age Length varies from one Iraath to another
Helirad 5 Yanyeb 1,400 Aurbët
Yanyeb 8 Hyebis 280 Aurbët
Oslyeb Double Umrith 70 Aurbët
Hyebis Full Umrith Cycle 35 Aurbët (the period for Taurzj and Paron, Kiyron's 2 moons, to return to full on the first day of a new Aurbët
Rith Full Paron Cycle Aurbët
Aurbët (Year) 9 Siykl and 6 Daar 384 Daar
Siykl (Month) 7 Tsjayn 42 Daar
Tsjayn (Week) 6 Daar  
Daar (Day) 36 Maak  
Maak (Hour) 60 Klik  
Klik (Minute) 60 Seconds  

A Measure of Distance

Heligath 5 Esigath 1,400 Gath
Esigath 8 Redigath 280 Gath
Redigath 5 Roagath

35 Gath

Roagath 7 Gath  
Gath 12 Lebët approximately 1.2km / .75 mile
Lebët 60 Bëtang Approximately 1 metre / 3.28 feet
Bëtang 6 Yabët Approximately 1.66cm / 1 inch
Yabët   Approximately 2.7mm / 6th inch

All those words and phrases


This section in particular will continue to grow as I add more from within the existing novel, and more yet to be explored in further novels.

For all things flora and all things fauna, please go to their section for a growing list of details.


Word/Term/Phrase Origins What is it?
Daamel (Monks-Monastery) Niebyen A religious order found predominantly on the island nation of Fathës. An offshoot of Iyoa Horëm, Daamel followers take a more intellectual approach to their faith, believing that Divine/Universal Intelligence does not operate from a foundation of emotional unpredictability, as demonstrated in most of the planet's religions which humanise the divine, but instead resides within a state of eternal and formless certainty that never wavers in nature. This order has found its greatest following within scientific communities. 
Denaumë Taroviyt

The ring-like markings on Taroviyt, Bayith Pirë, and more obscurely some other ethnic groups - from the eyes, around temples and down cheeks to the neck. Some even have it spreading across their backs or over the lower abdomen and into the groin area. Colouring changes with emotional surges/sexual arousal.

Devikarie Quartz Taroviyt

A crystalline silicate mineral with an inherent electrical charge that generates an anti-gravitational output, making it appear half as light as is theoretical possible. Can be combined with monatomic gold to create wiring with greatly enhanced conductivity, even generating more electricity than is input, when configured correctly, as in through a Dysembisit Matrix.

Dindelith Stone Taroviyt Stones found across Malkiyron, with myths suggesting their use as teleportation devices by a long lost civilisation. The art or means for activating them are considered lost. Made from a rare black crystalline rock, with no known source. Believed to be a source of food for the Tabitiyt race.
Drrigastilaa Ninukieen A rite of passage performed by Ristiekaan Ninuuk at the end of their eighteenth aurbët. This ritual leads them from childhood to adulthood, the visions induced by consumption of glieasjë juice during this ritual, considered guided by the elemental divinities of their race, helping determine the path that they will take in adulthood.
Elëwon Doothuren/Bayith Pirik The highest level of manifest divine intelligence recognised by the Bayith Pirë. Where Dmaar is considered very specifically to be a female deity governing and representing the planet, Elëwon is perceived as more ephemeral and pervasive, not confined to the planet itself for her source of being and purpose. For the Bayith Pirë, Elëwon is considered more akin to the manifest feminine aspect of the unmanifest Iy. 
Glieasjë Juice Ninuukien A fermented drink made from the berries and most specifically the thorn sap of the glieasjë bush. The most potent form of the juice is created at the very end of the fruiting season, with sap drawn from 'thorn bleeds' on the first night of full moon after the trees blossom, and the fruit being picked on the last night of the full moon. This form of the juice is used for the Ninuukien drrigastilaa, a rite of passage for all young Ninuukien at the end of their eighteenth full aurbët. See also Glieasjë in Flora.
Kaarbër Gongs K'Dauryen Made from a clam-like mollusc. The smooth symmetrical shells are popular for musical instruments, especially by Daamel Monks, for religious purposes.
Kalbyaarë Kaurdz Sabaysjon/Doothuren

The Holy Records of All, the memory of the Universe.

Kkombinaar Yathesj Sabaysjon/Doothuren 'The Keeper of Truth'. An individual from the Pirë Iprë, always female, who is anointed by their god Elëwon, and granted complete immersive access to the Kalbyaarë Kaurdz, which are the records of all that was, is and will be in the universe. They have a responsibility to convey any details guided to be revealed, be it about the past, present or future.
Mraa'aum Planes Sabaysjon

The seven energy planes of vibration that make up manifest experience, from the gross/physical plane to the soul vibration.

MV Screen Taroviyt A multi-view screen/terminal developed in Hyebis 202 of Iraath 4. The screen is based upon laser imaging which can be layered like a series of screens behind each other, beside each other and in either 2D or 3D with touch interface and interconnectivity between the layers and screens. Some of the more advanced screens found in Iraath 5 have neural interface controllability.
Nktliflë Seer Ninuukien The most revered individual in Ristiekaan Ninuuk culture, able to divine impending events and offer guidance on how to proceed. Considered to have the greatest connection to divine intelligence, and the primary conduit for that intelligence to speak with those who would listen. Originally, more than one would be found existing at any one time, but it is generally considered that the advent of Lieoptay-Noot fundamentally altered the morphic field of the Ristiekaan Ninuuk, the supraconsciousness of their race consequently only allowing for one Nktliflë Seer at any given time.
Pabrizjen Sabaysjon

Alcohol, spirit. Gives a strong hangover.

Rrokktom Baasjik Baasjyen Ancient religious language of Uultoa'Baasjyen tribes, especially the more devout followers of practices within Baasjik Traditionalism.
Tr Halsien Zjeur Original Kiyronik The Three Augured Climacterics: The 3 most significant global events focused upon by Lieoptay-Noot within his Augurs.
Tsjen Koa-aath Zjuudapoaryen A philosophical practice with no specific religious affiliations. Practitioners focus predominantly on a range of affirmations that are used to stimulate new perspectives on existing situations within their lives.
Wwelyathien's Synthetic Intelligence Exhortation  Taroviyt A globally agreed declaration on the acceptable and restricted application of synthetic intelligence throughout Malkiyron, which prohibits such intelligence from having unfettered access to veurt, or from being implemented in any mass version hominid form like that of the android Helier'Oasjaan. It was his creation that led to the Exhortation.
Yathhar'aa Hag Taroviyt Female followers of an ancient female mystic originating in the Tarov Alps, southwest of Savuur. They all renounce material possessions and social connections, that they may better serve the spiritual needs of both themselves and those they encounter when offering what service they can. They are distinguished by the hooded black robes they wear, the hood so large as to shield their faces from all but the most prying eyes.
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