Kiyron is a hollow planet, with the majority of storylines detailed within the Tr Halsien Zjeur series (Lieoptay-Noot's story, plus the First and Second Augured Climacterics) focused on the outer portion of the planet. This section will include a range of material pertinent to both the outer world of Malkiyron and the inner world of Dooskiyron, including:

  • Race & Ethnic Branches
  • Charts detailing flora and fauna
  • Astronomical charts focusing on the Nesj system
  • Expanded information about predominant astrology, numerology, mythology, theology and more
  • Historical data
  • A dictionary of words and their meaning
  • and more that will appear soon...


Races & Ethnic Branches

Incorporating the First Race, the Founding Races and dominant ethnic crossovers, the interstellar race of the Zos Taurzjlaas, and genetically engineered races.

  • Izzimyekkol and Mam Throf are considering the founding individuals descended from 'the gods', who in turn created the Uukktolesj V'Iylë (The First Children of Iy).
  • The Uukktolesj V'Iylë eventually created the Founding Races:
    • The Tabitiyt (unable to interbreed)
    • The Ninuuk (unable to interbreed)
    • The Taroviyt
    • The Duutiyt
    • The Baasjyen
    • The K'Dauryen
  • The four latter races, through migration-conquest-interbreeding eventually established the other dominant ethnic groups displayed.
  • The Taroviyt are responsible for the genetically engineered Bayith Pirë (female) & Gal Iprë (male), collectively known as the Pirë Iprë. The first of them were engineered using Taroviyt females and select Nathiyon (a small winged tree dwelling hominid) gene sequences.
  • The K'Dauryen are responsible for the less successful genetic engineering efforts that resulted in the Sjulbaaruuk.
  • The Taroviyt, K'Dauryen and Baasjyen each have offshoots who are distinct enough to be considered separate ethnic branches
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