A bit about me...


Though mostly about the novel…


Born in rural Western Australia, to an English father and Scottish mother, and the eldest of four (two brothers and one sister), I grew up mostly in rural South Australia amongst an expanding tribe of relatives who mostly immigrated to the same town at around the same time, with our family unit venturing to England for three brief stays during my school years.

Itchy feet are a regular challenge. Adult life has seen me living in Adelaide, Sydney and Hobart within Australia, Norwich, London and Oakham within England. A move to New Zealand (ever so briefly) became an extended visit to Singapore during the final phase of writing this novel.


The quest for self began early on, with a family friend introducing me to Tibetan Buddhism by the age of sixteen through the works of Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, which neatly tied in the theological and esoteric matters with references to UFO’s, aliens and more. My journey only became a more eclectic melting pot from there. Horror met sci-fi - fantasy - new age - alternative health - ancient history - conspiracy theory - theology - the occult.


Influences and inspirations include Robert A. Heinlein, David Mitchell, Frank Herbert, J.R.R. Tolkien, Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Stephen King, Steven Erikson, George R.R. Martin, Nostradamus, Socrates, and the volume A Course In Miracles.

The quest to write this, my first novel, began as a six page introduction to the main character when I was eighteen. A frustrated creative type, the journey of my novel reflected the journey of my life, with the desire to be inspired, artistic and creative constantly suppressed or diverted by the unwitting discouragement of family, partners and my own lack of fortitude and self-belief, supplanted instead with forays along career paths that brought plenty of great experiences but no deeply satisfying joy, despite my best efforts.


I’ve worked in retail, disability services, voluntary sector services, financial services, hospitality, alternative therapies, removals, and more besides, from entry level to management. The journey has been diverse, challenging, distracting, confronting, stressful, enlightening, evolutionary, inspiring, and I wouldn’t change one bit.


Every now and then the novel resurfaced, with more work being done, the story evolving, and ideas expanding, before it once again disappeared for a few more months or years. Each resurrection saw the incorporation of another piece in the puzzle, an expansion of a solidifying set of ideas.


With the arrival of 2015 came the cessation of delaying tactics. I quit work, sold everything (and I really do mean everything) I owned except my iMac and a suitcase full of clothes and skipped across the waters to New Zealand to write the book I had been trying for so long to write. Somehow, New Zealand became Singapore which eventually became Australia again. Thirty-three years on from the story’s inception, and one year (to the day) from landing in New Zealand, and the first full draft of this mammoth work was finally complete.


And from here the new journey continues...


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