So...you found me...


And now that you have, what can you expect?


Well as much as it's my website, and in theory about me, it really is - at this point at least - mostly about the novel that's here, the novels to come, and the world from within which they derive.


The body of work that went into creating the first novel that you’ve now got an opportunity to read - and hopefully enjoy - has been an evolving collection of material that became the foundations required to transform what was a one novel concept at its inception, into the first volume of a planned nine volume monster, which will barely touch upon so much of what is referenced.  It is work that continues evolving still, aspects of the histories, interconnections, philosophies and theological perspectives changing even within the ‘final’ draft. The assorted other pages lurking beyond will, therefore, be an ever changing source of information and exploration opportunities.


So...what you’ll find expanding through the following sections will at least deepen your understanding of Kiyron and the characters and events portrayed, without necessarily spoiling the surprises yet to unfold.


I hope you enjoy.


The first volume is now available in paperback through Amazon's North American and European sites @





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Bayith Pirë

Early concept art

circa 1990's


New maps...

Pirë Iprë emblem

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Be still. Still as the emptiness between stars.

Be as nothing: void of all but an awareness for all that surrounds you. Let only the gentle rhythm of your breath flow around what I tell and what you hear.

There is no truth but The Truth.

It will not be found within outer experience where illusions are created through the limited perceptions of form, deceptively preventing connection to the wonder of what remains mostly hidden.

There is no physical existence. Only the perception of it.

Manifest existence is a projected illusion convincing us that we experience the most impossible of notions, masquerading as the cause of our experience, when it is instead a camouflage obscuring our reality.

There is no we.

Separateness is a  misperception ensnaring us within this illusion of existence.

There is only I.

I am not what you dream within this illusion.

I am not what you perceive within this experience of living.

I am not what you read here in these pages.

I am everything this illusion you call life would deny.

I am eternal. I am unchanging.

I am every where. I am every thing. I am every one.

I am you.

I am.

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